Monday, July 31, 2017

Poem to Digital Photography


Note: In 1999 in the darkening twilight, the coarse pixels on my first digital camera, a primitive Casio, changed back and forth on the monitor from color to darker color as the sky faded and as I framed the scene for my next shot. Crude as it was, to see a photograph in real time was a miracle -- as this had never been possible during my 30 years working with film photography.


On the edge of darkness
I have seen the twilight sky
do it's digital dance
in real time --
pixels pulsing from
cerulean blue to black
on my LCD screen --
van Gogh's deepest colors
outside his cafe in the evening
or his starry starry night

Rick Doble, 1999
(An early selfie -- my face was lit with a neon light.)