Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's Not A Cookie-Cutter World by Rick Doble

 It's Not A Cookie-Cutter World  
This principle of change or movement prevents nature from ever really repeating herself... 
The History of Scientific Ideas, Charles Singer
(Text, research & design by Rick Doble. Photos and images from except as noted.)

Picture of water molecule

 Water molecules* 
 are the same 

Microscopic photograph of snowflake

 yet every 
 is different 

Composite of normal leaf with veins and dried leaf with many veins
(Left photo by Rick Doble)


People walking on a beach
(By Rick Doble)


The newly photographed moon of Pluto, Charon (NASA).
The newly photographed moon of Pluto, Charon (NASA).

 planet or moon 

The galaxy Andromeda.
Our sister galaxy Andromeda.

 & galaxy 

*While there are two other isotopes of water, normal water (H2O) makes up 99.76% of water.

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